About Us

About Us

Trillionairebiz Private Limited parent company for luckydealss is an online store that has reimagined the shopping experience. When you buy any Lucky Dealss product, you get the chance to win a wide range of luxury prizes! All our products can be found within five campaign categories: cars, watches, cash, electronics, and lifestyle.
Once you purchase a product, you will receive a complimentary Coupon into the prize draw within the category you selected. All products within a campaign are limited to a set quantity and therefore the complimentary prize coupons are also limited.
That’s not all! Lucky Dealss also gives you the option to donate your purchased products to charity. WHY would you do this? Because in doing so, Lucky Dealss will REWARD you by entering your complimentary coupon into the prize draw TWICE!! What do we get out of all this? We’re in the business of creating value, not just for our customers, but for those less fortunate.

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